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February 16, 2013 / ShapedforFitness

Back to my SHAPE

Hi! I’m finally back to blogging! My last post in November was a little rough about my knee injury and I didn’t want to continue complaining about my knee or modified workouts in my blog so I decided to take a little break. Good news though! My knee has taken a turn for the better!

Having a partially torn quad tendon has been frustrating. Surgery isn’t recommended for a partial tear because it’s a very invasive surgery with a long recovery time. Time and rest are the way to healing. With me being a fitness fanatic and instructor, rest wasn’t easy!!! After 6 months of rest, modified workouts, and physical therapy, I’m feeling better with minimal pain during & post workout. And to celebrate my come-back, I’m teaching Piloxing this Monday!! Wahoo! Get ready girls!

(photo from Piloxing Facebook page)

I’ve learned my lesson about having a balanced workout routine and allowing for rest days. I’m going to listen to my body!

Now that I’m back to blogging. . . .

Here’s what happened in the past two and a half months:

Christmas at Saddleback Church:


Jacuzzi Christmas Party:

Christmas party

New Years Eve in Corona del Mar:

New Years

Knee Recovery Workouts

One of the key workouts that helped me during my knee recovery was swimming. But, as the warm weather of the summer and fall disappeared with the daylight, I didn’t enjoy swimming outdoors when the temp dropped below 70 degrees. Yeah, I’m SoCal whimp. So, to keep up my modified workouts and strengthen my knee carefully, I have spent many nights at the UCI gym doing elliptical workouts (4-5 miles) and TRX workouts.

UCI gym

Yoga has also been a great help with my knee. I’m able to move slowly in and out of poses with control, and gain strength with my own body weight.


Hiking and walking has also been fun. I love being outdoors and feeling the sun on my skin.

One of my favorite hikes was when Mike and I went out on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the University Hills. The day was beautiful!


But, all of a sudden, the winds picked up and a nasty storm cloud rolled in.

hiking weather turn

hiking weather

At this point of the walk/hike, we were about 2 miles from home so we started to quickly walk back home. We made it about 1 mile when the rain and wind hit HARD and we got absolutely drenched!

hiking drenched

It was hilarious though. . . .we couldn’t stop laughing as we jogged all the way home in complete shock at how the weather turned so quickly.

Other hiking days were as beautiful as this (soaking in the sun with my new BIC Band):

hiking sun

Teaching at Xtend Barre

Even though I haven’t been able to take a barre class in about 6 months, I didn’t stop teaching it. To protect my knee, I modified my teaching style to be more interactive with the students and less demonstrative. Plus, we added a couple new instructors to team so I was able to reduce my classes to 2-4 classes per week.

Here are some fun photos of me and my Xtend Barre friends:

Xtend barre ski slope

Doing the ski slope with the 6am ladies

Back to barre chair. . . burning!

Back to barre chair. . . burning!

Xtend Barre friends

Love having girlfriends join me for class!!!! Top photo: Katie, Me, Sarah, and Sarah

BIC Bands XB

This day Sarah and I showed up in nearly the same outfit, aren’t we cute? 🙂 Purple Old Navy top (only $15 now!), black tights, and purple BIC bands.

Speaking of workout gear. . . . this Christmas my family and friends hooked me up with new gear and generous gift cards!

Thanks everyone!

Love my new tote bag from Lululemon:

Lululemon Tote Bag

And I got a few more BIC Bands. Love them!!

BIC Bands

AND. . . . . we had a blast celebrating our RAVENS Super Bowl win!!!

Ravens win!

Finally caught you up to this week. . . . had a fabulous Valentine’s Day with my Love:

Valentines Day

I’m excited to be back to blogging!

Have you been thru a long injury recovery? What helped you get thru the frustrating times?

What’s your favorite workout gear brand??



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