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August 28, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

Boogie Box

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of taking an awesome, butt-kicking class called Boogie Box with the creator, Dede Barbanti. What a fun class! It’s a 1-hour cardio/strength training class that gets your heart pumping, sweat dripping down your face, and muscles burning. My core and legs were completely exhausted! To summarize the class, it’s a fusion of hip hop dance, sports agility moves, martial arts and resistance exercises. Take Zumba (which is kinda boring & barely a workout for me) and multiply it by 100 for the intensity. It’s even more intense than Piloxing. Boogie Box kicked my booty!

Want to see Boogie Box in action? Check out this YouTube video: Boogie Box Sizzle Reel

LOVE this! Check out this flash mob Boogie Box routine at a mall in Utah:

Click on image for the YouTube link or click here.

Doesn’t it make you want to get up and dance??

What exactly is Boogie Box?? Here’s what Dede says. . .

Boogie Box perfectly combines cardio and strength training under the guise of groove! It’s an innovative fusion of sports endurance drills, martial arts, Latin and Hip Hop dance, plyometrics and resistance training all rolled into one ultra-effective hour! By using new ground breaking methods of applied muscle resistance (AMR) and RSL (Rotational, Swivel, Lateral) patterns, you are able to use muscle confusion to continually push your body further, avoid those dreaded plateaus, burn more calories and sculpt lean muscle without the use of equipment!  Created by world renowned fitness coach and sports nutritionist, Dede Barbanti, she has appropriately labled this new style…POWER ENDURANCE TRAINING!  It’s effectiveness is proven!  Boogie Box has been University tested and proven to burn up to 1,100 calories an hour – more than any other workout available today!  The “After-Burn” is amazing too – Your body will continue to burn calories like a machine up to a full 24 hours after a Boogie Box workout!

Finally, there is a workout that delivers twice the results in half the time and is actually fun to do!  Let’s face it, machines are boring and who has time to spend two hours a day working out?  With Boogie Box, you’ll have a blast all while working up an intense sweat moving & grooving to the hottest dance music around!  We promise you’ll get ADDICTED!


So you say it works, does it REALLY work?

Dede Barbanti is an inspiring fitness instructor and is living proof that her workout changes your body. Check out her own transformation:

She lost just under 70 lbs in less than 7 months! Whoa, that’s amazing!!

I know you’ve probably seen lots of weight loss before and after shots, and think “yeah, yeah, just another professional fitness person,” but hearing her students talk about their own weight loss stories was incredible. Not only do other students and instructors believe in the workout, Dede had the workout tested multiple times at USC by the Professor of Biokiniseology and they have scientific evidence that it works.

Workout testing at USC. Must’ve been hard dancing and working out with that tight mask with a hose on their faces!

Check out the full YouTube video of the study here: Boogie Box Fitness USC Testing

Boogie Box Fitness Class

Thursday night’s class was held at Club One Studio in Costa Mesa in a large ballroom dance studio (not the photo above, but similar). The place was packed! I’d estimate 25+ women. The funny part was that everyone kept saying, “where is everyone? this is the smallest class we’ve ever had!” I was shocked! The typical Boogie Box class in Costa Mesa averages about 40 people per class. Wow! This must be a good workout! Not only that, but most people I talked to had been coming to class for 1-3 years. Talk about an addicting workout!

The Workout

Immediately the fast pumping music blasts through the studio and everyone gets down to business. The workout is choreographed to music and is broken down into multiple rounds. Within each round, there are about 4 different exercises that get repeated. It took me a minute to learn each dance move/exercise and you could definitely tell I was the newbie in the class, tripping over my feet trying to keep up. 🙂 But, thankfully Dede teaches one move at a time then puts them together into combos. By the 2nd or 3rd time we repeated the combo, I caught on.

We did a wide variety of muscles burning moves like staying in a low squat, pivoting our knees side to side, and then holding the squat while boxing with 2 jabs and 2 upper cuts or hooks.

Photo courtesy of Boogie Box –

The sports performance and agility moves include high knees, tuck jumps, squat jumps,  and lunge kicks.

Wide high knees. Photo courtesy of Boogie Box –

I loved how we would grind hard in a low squat position, do lateral skater jumps, and then get funky with a dance move like “double mint” or “The Janet”, my favorite move of the night. 

Boogie Box Fitness class in Tustin (from Boogie Box Tustin Facebook page)

In addition to killer agility exercises and funky dance moves, Dede also works in resistance training by flexing muscles in different directions. Imagine that gym guy flexing his muscles in the mirror. . . . . . so fun!

Boogie Box Coach Lucy Quitoriano in Tustin, CA (photo from Boogie Box Tustin’s Facebook page)

Ripped arms!!!

And there’s no slacking in Boogie Box, Dede is watching you. . . . . 🙂

What I liked about the workout

  • A complete workout in 1 hour with cardio and muscle toning
  • Fun & entertaining workout with great music
  • Challenging, no slacking in Boogie Box!
  • Great way to work on coordination 🙂
  • Fantastic & encouraging people to workout with

What I didn’t like about the workout

  • High impact, not for everyone. My poor knee can’t handle a lot of jumping and plyos anymore, but that’s my issue.
  • Not easy to jump into for you first time. It’ll take about 5 classes to get the moves down before you can really get grinding.
  • Long break in the middle to rest. I’d rather keep moving and do a slower paced dance routine for a break.
  • No cool down. We were crunched for time because the space was being used, but I’d rather do one less workout song, slowly bring my heart rate back down and stretch my exhausted muscles.

Locations & Cost

Boogie Box Fitness classes are in California, Oregon, Utah, New Jersey and all the way in Holland. Here are the locations. The cost breakdown is $99/month for unlimited classes, 10 classes for $89, 5 classes for $49, or a single class for $12. Great prices for a great workout!

Boogie Box on DVD

90-Day BBX DVD Program

If you don’t live near a Boogie Box class location, they also have a 90-day Boogie Box Hardcore DVD program. For only $90 you get 3 DVDs (Levels 1, 2, &3) with 3 workouts each (9 total workouts) and a nutritional guide. Not a bad deal in my opinion. Dede gave me the Level 3 DVD and I did the 30 minute “Burn” workout this weekend. Another fantastic workout! I was dripping sweat and felt challenged to my limit in only 25 min and then got a 5 min cool down.

BBX Premium

Lastly, Dede also offers personal coaching online for $15.99/month. Check out BBX Premium. Dede is incredibly sweet and has a huge passion for people and helping them lead healthier lives. She’s the type of person you want to be around everyday to be inspired, uplifted and encouraged.

Thanks Dede for inviting me to Boogie Box and making a difference in people’s lives!


Who’s coming to class with me??

I got some free class passes for friends too!



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  1. Steph's Miles / Aug 29 2012 9:06 am

    This workout class looks awesome! Too bad there are no classes in the area. I’m hoping it will move it Florida one day!

    • ShapedforFitness / Aug 29 2012 9:09 am

      It’s a killer workout! It would do well in Florida too with the latin/hip hop dance influence. I’ll mention it to Dede. . . . 🙂

      • leeann / Sep 2 2012 9:49 am

        Come to Boca Raton in Florida pleeeeeease.

  2. Dede Barbanti / Aug 29 2012 10:11 pm

    If you know anyone that is interested in bringing BBX to Florida we have a coach training home study program!

  3. LeeAnn Diamond / Sep 19 2012 3:37 pm

    I bought the dvd package for 90 dollars. I paid for priority shipping but dvds were sent regular first class mail. I have emailed company 3 times asking for an explanation with no response from them. I then posted a comment on facebook which they deleted. I am now unable to post any other comments on their page, I guess they banned me for not leaving a positive comment about them. This is terrible customer service and really disappointing as I was really excited about getting this set. It is not a large amount of money that I paid for priority shipping, but it is the principle. If they had emailed and said sorry they goofed up, I would have dropped it, but to keep ignoring me and then delete my facebook post. Thats just wrong!!!!

    • ShapedforFitness / Sep 20 2012 10:50 am

      Hi LeeAnn,

      I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with the Boogie Box shipping. I’ll email your comments to Dede and hopefully she’ll clear things up.


  4. Susan / Sep 18 2013 3:49 pm

    I took my first Boogie Box class on Monday and loved the instructor (Melissa). My next class is next Weds…and if the commute to Newport Beach works out, I think I’ll add this to my weekly workout schedule along with Xtend Barre (of course!), Yoga Booty Ballet, and Jillian Michaels DVDs and Zumba workouts for recovery days 🙂 Funny that I was just now checking out your blog and see that you were all over this a year ago!

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