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August 23, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

Back to Blogging. . . Summer 2012

This summer has FLOWN by! Life got super busy for me starting in July and it’s finally starting to slow down, a little. That’s why I’ve been MIA from blogging. Here’s a little breakdown of Summer 2012:

So, what’s been going on???

Teaching Fitness Classes – LOTS of classes!

In the month of July, I taught 22 classes at Xtend Barre Mission Viejo, 12 classes at my corporate fitness program, and 3 private yoga/fitness classes at a friend’s house. That’s 37 classes in 30 days, whoa!

Now. . . in August, I’m teaching 26 classes at XBMV, 11 classes at Jacuzzi and 4 private yoga/fitness classes at my friend’s house. 41 classes is a record!!

Xtend Barre ladies holding “Chair” in one of Deja’s classes

Thankfully I absolutely love teaching fitness classes and enjoy every minute of them. But man, I am physically exhausted after back-to-back-to-back teaching days! Not to mention that I continue my own workout routine by running, swimming and practicing my barre routine. When I get really tired, I back off my own workouts and decrease the exercise demonstration in classes to conserve my energy and body.

I also got some new Piloxing choreography and have been practicing that as well.


We Moved!

In addition to teaching all those classes, we moved in July. We only moved about 10 miles across town but it’s still physically exhausting cleaning, packing, hauling, unpacking, etc.

Isn’t it fun living with boxes all around you??

Here’s the completed living room:

And now we have stairs! Feel’s more like a house than apartment:

Smokey loves running up and down the stairs. . . getting his exercise.

We’ve been in our new place for over a month and really love all the extra space and new community. We’re also closer to the beach, less than 6 miles away! Love it!



The weekend after we moved we took our very FIRST trip to Las Vegas. Yes, neither one of us had ever been so we took the opportunity of a free weekend and drove to Vegas for a couple of days.

I went through to book the hotel and got The Trump Hotel for just over $100/night. Sweet deal for a 5-star hotel!

My favorite part about this hotel is that it doesn’t have a casino and is SMOKE FREE. After walking around all day and night through stinky, crowded, smoke-filled casinos, it was really refreshing to come back to this beautiful lobby that smelled like roses.

We got a standard king room, which was HUGE and packed with upgraded amenities. Nice sitting area, kitchenette, mini bar, large closets and a great view.

The bathroom was also huge with 2 sinks, separate glass walled areas for the shower and toilet, and whirlpool tub. My husband loved the TV in the bathroom mirror.

Since it was our first time in Vegas, we wanted to see as much as we could. We walked around all day and night, taking in all the sites, touring the hotels/casinos, and did lots of people watching.

We had so much fun over the 3 days and cannot wait to go back! So much more to do and see!

Next time for sure, we’re flying to Vegas. It’s supposed to take about 4 hours to drive from Orange County, but with traffic it took us 5 hours to get there Friday afternoon and 7 agonizing hours on Sunday afternoon through the desert. Bumper to bumper for 280+ miles. Looked like this:


Shakeology Update

I finished my 30-day Shakeology test and overall I was pretty happy with it. I loved the convenience of drinking a healthy breakfast on-the-go, feeling full for 2.5 to 3 hours, and the taste was awesome. The only disappointing thing was that I didn’t feel very different. I talked to a sales rep about it and she said to give it another 30-days to let it settle in my body, so I ordered another 30-day supply of the Chocolate Shakeology.

Well, I got the 2nd package and found out they changed the ingredients on me! Now, the aftertaste is HORRIBLE!!! Not exactly sure why or what they changed, but supposedly they added more “superfoods” packed with nutrients, less refined sugar and more natural ingredients. Sounds great and all, but did they even taste it?!? Ugh, very disappointed!

Because I was already on the fence with continuing with it, I’m done with Shakeology. Thankfully I’ve figured out how to make it taste better by adding milk, coffee and vanilla creamer so I won’t waste my money by just throwing it away. But, adding all those other ingredients adds calories and fat, definitely don’t want that.


End of Summer & Fall Plans

Another huge life change is that my husband started law school this week! I’m so proud of him!

He’s loving the classes (so far!) and likes the other students in the program. Law school is an intense 3-year program, which requires a lot of time and dedication. Right now we’re trying to figure out how to balance out our lives together with school, studying, work, coaching, teaching, workouts, church, entertainment, family and friends. Busy days, but so far so good!

Tonight, I’m taking a new fitness class called Boogie Box with the creator, Dede Barbanti. I’ll write a blog post about it this weekend, sounds like fun!

Boogie Box perfectly combines cardio and strength training under the guise of groove! It’s an innovative fusion of sports endurance drills, martial arts, Latin and Hip Hop dance, plyometrics and resistance training all rolled into one ultra-effective hour! By using new ground breaking methods of applied muscle resistance (AMR) and RSL (Rotational, Swivel, Lateral) patterns, you are able to use muscle confusion to continually push your body further, avoid those dreaded plateaus, burn more calories and sculpt lean muscle without the use of equipment!  Created by world renowned fitness coach and sports nutritionist, Dede Barbanti, she has appropriately labled this new style…POWER ENDURANCE TRAINING!  It’s effectiveness is proven!  Boogie Box has been University tested and proven to burn up to 1,100 calories an hour – more than any other workout available today!  The “After-Burn” is amazing too – Your body will continue to burn calories like a machine up to a full 24 hours after a Boogie Box workout!

Finally, there is a workout that delivers twice the results in half the time and is actually fun to do!  Let’s face it, machines are boring and who has time to spend two hours a day working out?  With Boogie Box, you’ll have a blast all while working up an intense sweat moving & grooving to the hottest dance music around!  We promise you’ll get ADDICTED!


Teaching, teaching, teaching

I’ll be continuing the busy summer teaching schedule into September, but not nearly as much, only 20 classes at Xtend Barre. Like I said before, I love teaching and always look forward to my next class. One of my favorite times of the day! I Love Xtend Barre!

How was your summer?

Any fun vacations?



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  1. Chase / Aug 23 2012 4:46 pm

    Wow! You seem as busy as I am! 😉 Congrats to Mike on starting law school and congrats on the new place!! Now I really need to get my bootie out to CA to see you guys in the new place

    • ShapedforFitness / Aug 23 2012 8:37 pm

      Thanks Chase! Yes, it’s been non-stop this summer. That would be so fun to have you here in Cali! Think about next Feb/Mar when you’re looking to escape the winter. . . 🙂

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