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July 4, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

New Lululemon Outfit

Being a fitness instructor, I go through so many workout clothes. There are some days I teach at 6:00am and 12:15pm, followed by my own workout at 6:00pm, that’s 3 outfits in one day! Sometimes I can re-use the same outfit if I don’t get too sweaty, but usually I sweat a ton. I’m now doing one full load of laundry each week of just workout gear between Mike and I. And by the end of the week I’m down to my scrubs. You know, the capris that have holes in the butt or the sports bra that crackles when you put it on, those ones. So now what should I do . . . . buy more workout clothes or do laundry more frequently??

Good workout clothes are not cheap, but the higher quality, the longer they will last. So, over time I’m going to invest in new clothes. . . . . . .from my favorite store: Lululemon.

I have a few pieces from Lululemon and absolutely love them. The fabric is very soft and wicks away the sweat, the styles and cuts are very flattering, and the clothes are fashionable. Workout clothes are no longer basic shorts & t-shirts.

Here’s what I have so far from Lululemon:

Raceback Tanks – clean & simple. I have 4 of these in different colors

No Limits tank with open sides & back, very flattering

Wunder Under Pants – a must have! Reversible too, black & grey.

Embrace Crop – LOVE these crops. Flexible waist band that hugs your curves and flexible fabric on the calf. I have them in black & denim grey.

I would love to buy every outfit from Lulu, but their prices are much higher than average. Tank tops are about $42-$58, crops and pants are $72-$98, and jackets and hoodies range from $98-$138.

Last night Mike and I went to the Irvine Spectrum to get my iPhone fixed at the Apple Store, and I couldn’t leave the mall without drooling over the Lululemon store across from Apple. I usually just browse through the store but I found the cutest new outfit and had to have it. Here’s a sweaty photo of me after today’s Piloxing class:

(Wandering Yogi Halter in the pow pink color $58 & Hold Me Close crops $69 on sale, reg $88)

I have so many racerback tank tops and I’ve been looking for a cute tank top with some variety and pop of color. This is why I love this tank:

Love, love, love the open back!!! And its very supportive too!

The pants are amazing as well. The material is very soft and stretchy, and has sticky flowers down the side. Why sticky flowers? Because in yoga you sometimes grab a hold of your leg in a pose and when you super sweaty, your hand slips off. No more slipping with these bad boys!

“Hold Me Close Crop” $69 on sale (Reg $88)

Today I tested the outfit in my 4th of July Piloxing class and it was perfect. My new favorite outfit!!

Speaking of 4th of July, we had 2 full classes this morning at Xtend Barre Mission Viejo. I taught the 7:30am Piloxing class (my largest class, 13 students!) and Stephanie taught the 9:00am Xtend Barre class.

Here’s a snapshot of Stephanie leading the Xtend Barre class.

Xtend Barre Mission Viejo


Shakeology Week 2 Update. . . . . .

I just finished week 2 of my Shakeology 30-day challenge and another positive week for me! Nothing new has happened since my last Week 1 blog post, but I still like the taste of the shakes and love the convenience of getting a nutritious breakfast on the go. This morning I mixed the chocolate Shakeology with 14 ounces of iced coffee and 2 teaspoons of vanilla creamer, my favorite recipe, and I had tons of energy throughout the Piloxing class. I felt full, but not too full, and didn’t have any stomach issues while doing an hour of medium impact cardio.

My digestive system is very regular now and my body feels great. No weight change though. Hopefully by the end of the 30-days, I’ll see the scale drop down. I’m also going to put more focus on eating healthier lunches & dinners, I’ve been slacking lately and eating too much junk.


Happy 4th of July!!!



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  1. osbergmc17 / Jan 22 2013 4:29 pm

    Love your pink tank.

    Especially the design in the back of it.


    • ShapedforFitness / Jan 22 2013 4:36 pm

      Thanks! I love the open back too! Supportive, functional and cute!

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