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June 19, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

30 Days of Shakeology

I’m so excited, my Shakeology 30-day pack arrived in the mail yesterday!

My cheesy excited smile

After trying a sample of Shakeology about a month ago from my friend Melissa, a Beachbody Coach, I was so excited to do a 30-day Shakeology test. It was the best tasting nutrition and meal replacement shake I’ve ever had!

What is Shakeology??

From the makers of P90x, Insanity, Asylum, Brazilian Butt Lift and many other premier fitness products, Beachbody created this complete nutritional and meal replacement shake.

From . . . .

Why do I want to do Shakeology?

The reason why I’m so excited to try this shake for 30 days is because I want to improve my nutritional intake. I eat fairly healthy meals, but I know I don’t get enough fruits and veggies. It’s not that I avoid eating fruits and veggies, my stomach can’t process them. Such a strange problem I have. Whenever I eat more than a couple of strawberries, blueberries or any kind fruit with juices I get stabbing stomach pains. Same thing with vegetables. Over time I’ve learned which fruits & veggies I can and can’t eat, and my tolerance level is, but I still don’t get enough.

Shakeology Program

On the Shakeology Program you replace one meal per day (breakfast for me) with Shakeology, exercise a minimum of 3 times per week, and follow a balanced diet. Pretty simple, right?

Beachbody also recommends a basic eating plan when you use Shakeology:

  • Breakfast: within one hour of waking up (Shakeology)
  • Snack: 2-3 hours after breakfast
  • Lunch: 2-3 hours after snack
  • Snack: 2-3 hours after lunch
  • Dinner: Finish at least 3 hours before bed

Most importantly, you need to drink LOTS of water everyday, a minimum of 64 ounces or 8 glasses.

Shakeology costs $120 for a 30 day supply, or $4 per shake. I typically eat Trader Joes Complete Oatmeal everyday for breakfast, which only costs $0.50 per packet, but I felt it was worth paying an extra $3.50 per day to get more vitamins, minerals and nutrients into my diet.

How much do you spend on breakfast?

My 30-day Shakeology Test

Over the next 30 days I’m going to follow the Shakeology Program and see if it makes a difference in my body. I will chronicle how I feel after the shake, what it tastes like, which recipes and other ingredients I use, any weight loss, energy levels, food cravings and any other changes in my body. After the 30 days, if I feel like it’s made a difference in my body, I’ll continue using it.

My friend Melissa and a couple other close friends use Shakeology regularly and swear by it. The results on are also pretty amazing and I’m excited to see how it works for me.

In addition to trying Shakeology over the next 30 days, I signed up to be a Beachbody Coach, which allows me to sell Shakeology to others. Check out my website: (copy & paste the website into your browser, WordPress doesn’t allow links to personal selling sites)

What are your thoughts? Have you tried Shakeology??? 


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