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June 6, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

Love teaching barre!

Wow, May was a crazy, blessed month for me! Between the Lorna Jane Workout Challenge and teaching Xtend Barre & Piloxing classes, I barely had enough time to sleep let alone write blog posts. But, I’m finally back!

So. . . where I did I leave off. . . . on Thursday, May 10th I found out I passed the Xtend Barre certification and on Monday, May 14th at 6am I taught my first barre class at Xtend Barre Mission Viejo. My first class went incredibly well and I fell in love with teaching barre. Have you heard of the teacher’s high? It’s like a runner’s high where you feel incredible and full of energy after a run. I got that same feeling after teaching Xtend Barre and couldn’t wait to teach my next class.

To my excitement, a subbing opportunity came up and I got to teach all THREE classes the following Saturday, wahoo!!! Saturdays are usually full classes and at first I was a little nervous to teach a large class but as I got going the nerves disappeared and it was so much fun! My energy level jumped when I saw how many women were following my lead in the workout. This is truly what I was shaped to do.

Lorna Jane Workout Challenge

Another exciting thing happened in May. . . . .I completed the Lorna Jane Workout Challenge!!!! The challenge was to take 5 classes per week in May (20 total classes) and I did it! Not only did I take 20 classes as a student, I taught 17 classes in May = 37 total classes in one month. What a challenge!!! The final week was a rough one for me too. . . I got a terrible cold and could barely breathe, but I was already at 16 classes and couldn’t give up, I was so close!

My reward is a complete workout outfit from Lorna Jane:

Everyday Tights ($70 value)

Pammy Crop (sports bra) in black ($60 value) 

“Never Give Up” Inspriational Singlet in black ($35 value)

Very excited to try the new brand of workout clothes! I’ll workout for free clothes any day!

Xtend Barre Memorial Day Special Class – 75 minutes

The final week of the Lorna Jane Challenge included a special 75 minute Xtend Barre class on Memorial Day (normally 55 minutes). Unfortunately this was my most sick day but I toughed it out and I’m so thankful I went. The class was packed to capacity!! Thankfully, me and another instructor were there and we became assistant instructors for the large class.

Check out the packed Mission Viejo studio!

Both barres completely full and Stephanie leading them in a burning side series.

“Assistant Instructor” Lynzi in her zone on the side leg series

Want to see Xtend Barre in action? Check out this awesome You Tube video of “Xtend Barre Sizzle”



Jacuzzi Corporate Fitness Program

In addition to teaching Xtend Barre & Piloxing classes at Xtend Barre, I teach 3 fitness classes per week at my work, two 40-minute lunchtime classes and one 1-hour evening class. Since I started the corporate fitness program at Jacuzzi in February, I’ve seen wonderful changes in the ladies that attend. Many of them never worked out, or sporadically worked out, and could barely make it through an entire workout without stopping. Now, they complete the workouts and take on the more challenging moves. The complaining hasn’t gone away but they don’t give up. So proud of them! 🙂

Not only has their strength and endurance improved, we have a stronger connection at work, their minds are more focussed on living a healthy lifestyle, they hold each other accountable for attending and keeping up,

Check out these lovely Jacuzzi Fitness Ladies:


Being a fitness instructor has brought me so much joy and I look forward to teaching more classes!


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