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April 16, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

Rest Day Blues

Rest and recovery is a vital part to any training regime, but I’ll have tell you. . . .I got the rest day blues! I’ve been so fired up with all my new classes I’ve been teaching, taking and practicing for that I’ve ignored my body as I ride the “teacher’s high” as my friend, Lana, calls it. I don’t want to stop because I enjoy it so much! But, after months of instructor trainings, teaching 5-6 classes per week and taking 3-4 classes per week, my body is screaming at me to take a break. 😦

Since I was young (around 12-years old), I’ve had nagging knee pain from overuse that comes and goes depending on my training. Whether I was training for softball, volleyball, track, basketball, running, biking and now group fitness classes, my right knee flares up in pain and I combat the pain with rest and ice. Over the past few weeks, my knee has really flared to the point where I have constant aching pain that won’t go away and icing after workouts just isn’t enough.

So. . .what am I doing about it?

1) No workout today & rest

2) Flexible Warrior Foam Roller Massage & Stretch

3) Ice

Foam Roller & Ice

Foam roller massage & ice

Time to take care of my body!


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