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April 15, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

Precision Pilates

I love, LOVE , LOVE Pilates reformer classes and found a wonderful Pilates studio in Orange County, CA thanks to a great Plum District deal. 

Precision Pilates in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA is small studio that specializes in Pilates reformer classes. With about 10-12 reformers, they offer almost 50 reformer classes 7 days per week, as well as private lessons.

The studio is located in the cute shopping center, Mercado Del Lago, on Lake Rancho Santa Margarita.

One of my favorite things about this studio is the consistent structure of the classes. The introductory class, basic class and regular class all follow the same basic class format, which allows you to improve week to week and build on to what you’ve already learned. As a fairly new Pilates reformer student, I like coming to class knowing what to expect and seeing improvement on a specific exercise. Sometimes it gets frustrating always learning new exercises and you don’t feel like you get any traction.

Introductory Session

Every student that comes to the studio, no matter how much experience in they have in Pilates, is required to take the introductory session. For only $10, the introductory session teaches you the basic principles of Pilates, how to set up and use the reformers, and the basic movements. You also get a postural analysis to evaluate any imbalances you have in your body. I discovered my left shoulder is slightly higher than my right, probably because I carry my purse on my left shoulder and those muscles are built up. Darn heavy purse! The postural analysis allows the instructor to focus on areas of improvement and help correct the imbalances in your body.

Basic Reformer Class

After you take the introductory session, they recommend you take 3 basic classes to establish a firm understanding of the basic reformer exercises. In the intro session they give you the basic exercise list and the basic classes follow the list exactly. The basic class is at a much slower pace that allows you to deepen the movements and helps new students feel more comfortable on the reformer. After my 3rd basic class, I felt much more confident in the reformer exercises and understood how to connect the core and the right muscles to each movement.

Reformer Class

The regular reformer classes follow the same structure of the basic class but incorporate more exercises and the exercises vary from class to class, instructor to instructor. Here’s what Precision Pilates says about their classes:

You’ll start each workout with a couple of  “rolldowns” (gentle toe-touch rolls) and then do a few mat exercises to get the core muscles warmed up.  Then follow our workout on the reformer starting with intense leg exercises and eventually invigorating each body part.  The last part of the workout is another short leg workout along with back and side exercises on the reformer.  End with a couple “rolldowns” .  Afterwards, chat with your friends and make plans to see each other at your next class. Make your next appointment at the reception desk and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!! (


I took all 3 of the basic classes with Nedra, who is incredibly sweet and patient in teaching new students. For the regular reformer class I took Barbara’s class, who is also very nice and helped me deepen some exercises and personally challenged me on an inversion exercise. Even though I took group reformer classes, I felt I got individual attention and the instructors personally encouraged me.


Unfortunately, one of the challenging aspects of Pilates reformer classes is the cost. The average Pilates reformer class costs between $20-$35 and private lessons range from $50-$100/hour. Precision Pilates classes fall in the same price range and offer a variety of class packages from a single class to a 90 class package, as well as monthly unlimited classes. Check out their pricing here.

Overall Summary

If I was going to invest in Pilates reformer classes, I would definitely buy classes from Precision Pilates. Not only do they offer many convenient class times every day, the studio is very clean with quality equipment, the instructors are very knowledgable and experienced, and it’s a professionally managed business. I would highly recommend Precision Pilates to anyone looking to try a Pilates reformer class and get a tremendous workout that will transform your body.

Thanks for the great classes, Precision Pilates!


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