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March 29, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

First Teaching Mistake

After teaching Piloxing for over a month, I had my first teaching flub in my 6am Piloxing class yesterday. I forgot to do the whole Jab Variation block of exercises on the left side of the body! My students are going to be lopsided! (shhh, don’t tell SkinnyRunner!)

Jab Variation on the right AND left side (

Kidding, I know they won’t  be lopsided after just one workout, but I did feel bad.

How did that happen?

I cruising through the workout and feeling good about the intensity and flow of the class when I noticed I was a couple of minutes ahead of schedule according to the music. Because I had mixed in some new exercises, I figured that was the reason and improvised with another block of exercises. It wasn’t until I was on my way home did it dawn on me that I forgot the left side. Ooops! Not sure if anyone noticed, but I know when I’m a student I usually notice when we forget a side.

For the instructors out there. . . . . what’s your biggest ooops! while teaching?



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  1. SkinnyRunner / Mar 29 2012 4:53 pm



    i would have never noticed.

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