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February 18, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

3 Fitness Certifications in 4 Weeks, Yeah!

I’m officially signed up for the Xtend Barre Instructor Training in March! I’m so excited to learn how to teach this amazing workout that’s transformed my body over the past 4 months!

It took me a while to sign on the dotted line and empty my wallet to register for Xtend Barre training, because I was apprehensive about a couple of things. Would I have teaching opportunities at Xtend Barre? Can I handle 3 instructor certifications in 6 weeks? After much prayer and talking to other fitness professionals and my husband, I decided to go for it.

One of the prerequisites for Xtend Barre is a Pilates mat certification. Last weekend, I went up to Los Angeles for the AFAA Practical Pilates workshop, which was a 8-hour course on basic Pilates. The instructor was a STOTT Pilates certified instructor, which is one of the premier Pilates organizations, and he gave us a wealth of knowledge on Pilates. Unfortunately, the course wasn’t a certification so I need to do another course. Blog reader, Caroline, a Xtend Barre instructor in New Orleans, warned me that the course might not be accepted for Xtend Barre, but I took my chances with the course anyways. Oh well, at least I got 8 hours of basic mat Pilates training! Time wasn’t wasted.

Thankfully, I found a Peak Pilates certification next weekend in Beaverton, Oregon at the new Xtend Barre studio. I have to travel to this training, but we were able to find cheap flights and since we have family and close friends in Beaverton, we have more of a reason to visit. Not only that, but it’ll be great training with other Xtend Barre instructors. The Peak Pilates certification course is 18 hours long over Saturday & Sunday.

Here’s my updated training schedule, 3 certifications in 4 weeks:

  1. Feb 25-26 Peak Pilates mat certification
  2. Mar 3-4 YogaFit Level 1 yoga training
  3. Mar 16-18 Xtend Barre instructor training

So now I’m off to the races reading, studying, memorizing, and practicing all my prep work for the certifications. The more prepared I am, the better the training will go.

Peak Pilates mat certification materials - 2 DVDs & training manual

Study materials for Peak Pilates & Xtend Barre

Have a great weekend!


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