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February 11, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

First Piloxing Class

After about a month of Piloxing practice and training, I taught my very first Piloxing class! 5 wonderful ladies at my work volunteered to be my first practice students and we had a fabulous class! I’ve been practicing my routine by myself so it was really nice to have actual students to teach.

Check out this demo video of Piloxing to see what we did and here are some photos of the workout.

For my first class, I set a few goals:

  • Lead them in a great workout, make them sweat and keep them safe
  • Complete all the exercise blocks (11 of them) on time
  • Cue the exercises and transitions effectively
  • Only reference my cheat sheet a few times
  • Have them want to do it again

Good News! I reached my goals 90%!! I give myself an A- because my transitions to new exercises were a little choppy and I need more practice on timing of the verbal cue. For example, when we were doing the jab-cross/shuffle block, you alternate jabs & crosses, but after a few sets you transition to a combo of jab, jab, cross, jab, & 4 feet shuffles. I forgot to make them aware a combo was coming so they stopped moving and watching me demonstrate the combo.

Another thing I learned teaching to real people was that people react to different words and your verbal cue might not translate to them. Last night I taught a Piloxing workout to my friend, Nicole, and when we did the Tendus, she interpreted the movement as a toe tap forward but when I said, “glide your foot on the ground,” she understood what the move was. With practice I’ll discover which words are good trigger words to get people in the right position & movement.

One of my favorite parts about my first class were the screams of exhaustion at the end. The floorwork is very challenging! The first couple exercises are pushups from one knee while the other leg is kicking back or lifting up. Then, you do the Piloxing kick where you cross your knee behind the other knee, bring the knee up to the side like your peeing on a fire hydrant, and then extend the leg out to the side for a kick:

Cross the knee behind (

Kick the leg out to the side (

After the hip & butt work, you do a series of Pilates abs for about 3 minutes straight.

Piloxing teaser (

Loved hearing the screams of hard work! Sounds so mean of me to relish in their pain! Haha! But, it showed me that I challenged them to the right level. All of them said it was one of the hardest workouts they’ve done, but they want to do it again. Success to my ears!

On Monday, I’m planning on teaching a Piloxing class at my work fitness program and my goal is to teach the full 60 minutes without looking at my cheat sheet. I also want to move around the room more, engage the students, and challenge them more.

I’m having so much fun and love being a fitness instructor!


Check out this video clip of Piloxing on ABC News

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