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January 13, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

Sleek, Sexy, Powerful ~ Piloxing

I’m happy to report I made it through my crazy workout weekend last weekend! I even added a yoga session and a bike ride. 🙂 Total of 8 1-hour workouts in 4 days. Yeah, it was a little crazy, but so fun! When I woke up on Sunday morning (after 6 workouts), I was physically drained but drug myself out of the bed to get to 8:30am Power Yoga at Meraki Barre in Costa Mesa. I was a little concerned with the “Power Yoga” title, because I was so tired, but it turned out to be a great class for me with a nice blend of warrior, balance and flexibility poses.

On Saturday it was so beautiful here, I went out to the pool and practiced teaching yoga to myself.

After practicing, I went over to my friend, Christina’s house and taught her and her friend, Lilly, their very first yoga class. We did a basic, “level 1” yoga session and I was so happy I remembered all the poses and sequence of poses. I even got the “teacher’s high”! Afterwards, I couldn’t stop talking about the benefits of yoga and all the different poses you can do. Lesson learned, I need to take a breath after class and just thank them for coming. Thankfully, they didn’t mind me being a chatter box and are excited for more sessions!

This week was a busy work week for me so I didn’t make it every workout, but I was still able to go to 3 Xtend Barre classes. One of the instructors, Sara, has a strong background in dance (dance major at San Diego State) and taught us some fun ballerina moves, which challenged our leg strength and balance.

And. . . . .This weekend I’m going to my first instructor training for Piloxing! (Prior posts about Piloxing here and here). The training is all day Sunday in San Diego so we’re spending the weekend there for a little get-away. Here we go! Sleek. . . .Sexy. . . Powerful. . . . PILOXING!!!



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  1. Laura / Jan 13 2012 8:10 pm

    Goodluck with your training!

  2. ShapedforFitness / Jan 13 2012 8:23 pm

    Thanks Laura!

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