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December 23, 2011 / ShapedforFitness

I’m a Certified AFAA Fitness Instructor!

It’s been a while since my last blog post so this is a mixture of updates. . . . .

I’m officially a certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor!

The AFAA Group Fitness Certification is the foundation certification required by most to all gyms and studios to teach fitness classes. With this certification, I can start teaching basic fitness classes like bootcamp, and get trained in specific disciplines of fitness like yoga, Pilates and barre. Here’s my current plan for instructor training:

Class Company Timing Location # of Hours Cost Status
Group Fitness AFAA Nov 2011 Santa Monica 8  $300 Complete
Piloxing Piloxing Jan 2012 San Diego 8  $250 Registered
Pilates Stott Pilates Apr 2012 Long Beach 95  $1,500
Yoga YogaFit May 2012 Ontario, Ca 20  $400
Xtend Barre Xtend Barre TBD TBD 16  $700
Total 147  $3,150

Expensive, right?? My goal over the next couple months is to teach fitness classes at my work and save the money I earn to go towards these trainings.  I also look at the cost like going back to school and getting more education. Since this is what I want to do, I’m going to invest in it.

Baltimore Trip

This past weekend, we had a wonderful time in Baltimore visiting family and friends. Here are some photos of our trip:

My husband and I in downtown Baltimore at the Power Plant

Brad & Steph’s Annual Christmas Party

Visiting our alma mater, Towson University, where we met

Towson University in Towson, Maryland

We even made it down to Washington DC to see the new Martin Luther King Jr memorial. It’s gorgeous! You gotta see it!

Love the quote. . .”Out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope"

Checking in on President Lincoln

Beautiful Christmas tree at the National Harbor

Strong man doing a plie in the National Harbor

It was really great seeing all of our loved ones and visiting great friends we haven’t seen in years. My good friend Chase even drove up from DC to come see me! I felt so loved! Chase is a master group fitness instructor and healthy living blogger so I got to pick her brain about instructor training and blogging. I also think I convinced her to try my favorite barre class, Xtend Barre, at a local DC studio in Georgetown. Can’t wait to read her review of the class! In addition to selling Xtend Barre to Chase, I also gave Jen a copy of my Booty Barre & Piloxing DVDs for her to try too. I can’t stop talking about my favorite fitness classes!

In my last post I talked about tips for keeping your fitness routine while traveling and during the holidays, and if I was grading myself, I’d get a “B” on my workouts in Baltimore. Out of 5 days in Baltimore, I was able to workout 3 times. Thankfully the hotel we stayed at had a “gym” but it was pretty old in a converted hotel room with dirty carpet and minimal equipment:

The first 2 days I got up early and did the Booty Barre Plus DVD and Booty Barre Beginners & Beyond DVD. Unfortunately, the gym didn’t have any hand weights so I skipped the arm sections and did a few extra push ups and tricep dips at the end. The next 2 days I didn’t workout because we stayed out too late both nights and had to get up early the next morning for jam-packed days of site seeing and visiting people. I didn’t stress about it and focussed on when I could workout next, which was Tuesday morning before our flight with the Booty Barre Plus DVD.

Christmas Weekend

We came home from Baltimore on Tuesday and now I have 4 full days off from work to relax at home for Christmas. I also get a chance to catch up on my fitness classes and reviews. Yesterday I went to a Xtend Barre class, today I went to a Pop Physique class, and tomorrow I’m excited to take an intense 75 min Xtend Barre Holiday Class. Then on Monday I hope to take my first Pilates reformer class, very excited!

This weekend I’m also going to try the new Flexible Warrior yoga workout DVD with a foam roller.

This recovery and flexibility sequence is ideal for swimmers, cyclists, runners and athletes of all sports to increase ROM, reduce stiffness and create a more limber, agile athlete. Myofascial release with a foam roller along with stretching can help increase blood flow and speed recovery, reduce muscle tension and your chances of injury, and improve overall performance. ~

Here’s quick preview of the class:

Until then. . . . .



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  1. Kylie Lindner / Dec 27 2011 12:36 pm

    Congrats Bri! I’m so proud of you! That is awesome. Looking forward to hearing about your next endeavor! 🙂


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