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December 13, 2011 / ShapedforFitness

Fitness, Traveling, & Holidays

Traveling can take a toll on your fitness routine, especially during the holidays. You may spend hours on a plane, or in a car, and then you don’t have access to your normal gym at your destination. If you don’t have a national 24 Hour Fitness membership, you’re probably stuck with the shaby hotel gym with minimal, run-down, and cheap equipment, or no gym at all!

This weekend, we are traveling to Baltimore for 5 days and these are my fitness tips to overcome the travel and holiday obstacles.

1) Make a workout plan. Before you go, plan out your workouts. What days can you workout, what time, where can you workout, what type of workout, and what equipment will you have? Knowing all these things, you can also plan out what clothes and gear to bring with you. Having a plan will keep you focussed on your goal and less likely to come up with excuses for not working out.

2) Research local gyms or studios. Many gyms and studios offer new client specials or free trial classes so take advantage of them!

3) Workout early in the day. Get going before people or events distract you. Since you’re off your daily routine, you don’t know where you’ll be later in the day. Plus people love to tell you, “You’re on vacation, relax!” Don’t buy into it. It may feel good for that day, but next week when you’re back home and you gained a couple of pounds, you’ll be kicking yourself. Working out before the day’s events will wake you up, give you energy and keep your mind focused on being healthy.  It also sparks your metabolism so your body is more efficient at burning calories.

4) Do moderate intensity workouts. Vacation is generally not the time to step up the intensity of your workouts. The point is staying active on your vacation in order to maintain your fitness level and combat any weight gain from holiday indulgences or eating out at restaurants. If you’re on a strict training regimen, then maybe you’ll have to increase your mileage, but the bottom line is keep moving.

5) Workout with friends or family. If you have an active family or friends, have them get a guest pass for you to their gym, plan a run together, or borrow a bike and go for a bike ride together. If your family or friends are not active, encourage them to get moving! Plan a family walk or take them with you to the new class you found online. You’ll get the benefit of company during your workout and they’ll get a kick in the butt. 🙂

Me and my friend Jen in the San Fran 1/2 Marathon

6) Bring workout DVDs with you.  If you don’t have a gym at your destination, find a small space to workout like in the hotel room, living room, or even outside at a park. Bring DVDs that don’t require a lot of equipment or large spaces. I’m bringing these DVDs with me to Baltimore:

7) Don’t stress if you can’t workout. Holidays and traveling are stressful to begin with so don’t add more stress if your workout plan doesn’t happen. Make a committment to yourself to stay on track when you get home and squeeze in a few extra workouts before you go.

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!


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