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December 1, 2011 / ShapedforFitness

Piloxing Training

It’s official, I’m signed up for the Piloxing instructor training on January 15th in San Diego! My first instructor training! For those who missed my last post about Piloxing you can read it here. What is Piloxing?

I love the high intensity of cardio kickboxing, but cardio is typically all you get. With Piloxing, you add the stabilizing exercises of Pilates and a little flare with some dance moves. It’s a fun, upbeat, total body workout! And you smile the entire time! Well, maybe not during the tricep pushups or the hip raises at the end, then you’re gritting your teeth.

Hilary Duff is a huge fan of Piloxing too:

Hilary Duff leaving Piloxing

(photo source)

Check out this video to see Piloxing in action: Piloxing Demo

Here are some clips of the workout:

“Whip it” -

Plie on releve -

Piloxing speed bag -

Piloxing mat work -

 After I complete the 8-hour training course in January, I’ll need to practice my routine with a few people.

Want to join me?? Free class for you! 🙂


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