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November 7, 2011 / ShapedforFitness

The Beginning of My Fitness Program

Exciting news today. . . . I got clearance from the HR department at my work to use a conference room to teach fitness classes to my coworkers! This has been a prayer of mine to find a facility where I can teach classes. A handful of women that I work with have already agreed to be my practice students, which I’m very thankful for, and I’ve heard from others around the office that are also interested. There’s definitely a need for affordable, accessible fitness and I’m going to be there to meet that need. The HR manager was also excited for the fitness classes and she even offered to send out an announcement/advertisement when I’m ready to teach classes! 🙂

So many thoughts are rolling in my mind. . . when do we hold classes, which type of classes do I teach, do I charge for classes, how much should I charge for classes. . . . bottom line, I’m very thankful for this new opportunity!!! One step at a time though, pass the certification in 2 weeks. . . .
Happy Monday!



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  1. Kylie / Nov 9 2011 8:18 am


    Oh my goodness! This is so exciting!!! I’m so happy for you! What a perfect place to jump start your classes!! And with people you know! You can really tailor to their needs and get great experience to try things out. Wow… I’m thrilled. I wish I could come too! That sounds like a lot of fun. Any ideas of what type of class you will focus on?

    I think you should offer the first few for free, then maybe start with a small fee… Then at least you can have some sort of an income from your hard work.

    Good luck on the exam!

  2. ShapedforFitness / Nov 9 2011 8:51 am

    Thanks Ky!! I’m very excited for my future fitness class at work. I mentioned it to a couple coworkers and they also got really excited about having classes right here in our office. A handful of them are even willing to let me practice on them. My plan is to start “student teaching” for free the week after Thanksgiving and continue through December. In January I want to officially start my program and offer classes at an afordable rate to all employees.

    I have lots of ideas on what I want to teach and will be designing classes soon. Probably classes with a variety of workouts like yoga, pilates, barre, kickboxing, strength training, and cardio.

    Wish you could be here too!

  3. Nicole Simetz / Nov 10 2011 9:28 am


    I’m so excited for your new adventure… And the bonus is that I reap “fitness” rewards…

    Knock that exam outta the park!


    • ShapedforFitness / Nov 10 2011 9:52 am

      Thanks! I’m so blessed and thankful for your support and letting me practice teaching to you. You’re my first client! 🙂

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