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November 6, 2011 / ShapedforFitness

What Type of Exerciser are YOU?

Yesterday while studying for the AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certification, I read a chapter about motivation and adherence in your fitness class. The chapter described basic motivation techniques and then provided suggestions on the different types of people in the class. They classified participants into 4 categories: Type A, B, C and D. Read the descriptions below and find out which type of exerciser YOU are. My answers are in the parenthesis.

All information from the AFAA Fitness: Theory and Practice Textbook

Type A: The Advanced Participant

P90x - Dreya Weber

  • Type A are the most committed and fit individuals in an exercise class. (Sometimes me)
  • They intend on maintaining a high level of fitness and like to be pushed. (Yes, me)
  • If a class description/name has “extreme” in it, they are there. (Yes, me)
  • Passionate for intense workouts, they look forward to challenging exercises and choreography. (Yes, me!)
  • May attend a class everyday, sometimes twice a day (Yes)
  • Like to be kept on toes expecting creative, stimulating and intense training regimens. Otherwise, boredom sets in. (Yes)
  • Position themselves in the front of the room, especially rooms with mirrors (HAHAHA! yes)
  • Territorial, stand in the same spot every class and get distressed if someone is in their spot (No, not me)
  • Disappointed with substitute instructors (unfortunately I’m guilty, yes)
  • Like competition – highest kick, biggest sweat puddle, extra flexible in yoga (sometimes me)
Type B: The Exercise-For-Life Participant
  • Type B do not feel pressured to push themselves to the max (very rare for me)
  • Exercise as much as Type A but at a moderate level (sometimes)
  • Rotate between high-impact and low-impact classes (yes, me)
  • Stay well-hydrated and understands good workout shoes are worth the investment (yes, me)
  • Listen to their body and choose to exercise, whereas Type A has to exercise (yes, me)
  • Motivation for Type B is sustained through feedback, support, recognition, and encouragement. Exercise itself is rewarding. (yes, me)
Type C: The Novice/Beginner Participant
  • Just starting to exercise for the first time or coming off an extended break from exercising
  • New to a specific exercise (yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, barre, running, biking, etc)
  • Don’t know the routine or how to use the equipment
  • Need guidance on form, speed, and intensity
  • Intimidated, inspired, or laughing at the Type A people
  • Need encouragement to stick with the fitness plan
Type D: Everyone Else
  • Not physically active
  • Have barriers to fitness: time, money, skill, coordination, age, medical issue, physical appearance, access, equipment, whatever you come up with
  • Don’t know what fitness is or how to do it
  • Exercise isn’t fun or doesn’t feel good
  • Get annoyed by people telling them they need to workout
After reading the different types of exercisers, I think I’m a Type A/B exerciser. I answered yes to almost all of Type A, but I don’t feel like I’m obsessed with doing the high-impact classes everyday. Cross-training is a vital part of my routine and I learned that after my body started to hurt from repetitive activities, like running everyday. Also, the Type A person is very competitive with others in the class. I can be competitive and enjoy a little friendly contest to see who can hold a plank the longest, but I also know my limits and appreciate those who have advanced skills in the class.
Not only did I discover my type of exercise personality, I felt a tug on my heart for those in category C & D. There are so many people in my own community who don’t have access to a fitness class or can’t afford to join a gym. At church this morning, I also had a vision of someday teaching a fitness class to those people for free. I pray that someday I will have that opportunity to serve others through fitness.
So, which fitness category do you fit into? 

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