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November 4, 2011 / ShapedforFitness

Enerji Fitness – Tustin, CA

In October, I tried out a new studio in Tustin called Enerji Fitness, which is off Irvine Blvd & Newport Ave. They are a boutique fitness studio with yoga, zumba and barre classes. The studio is in a quaint shopping center with other small companies like an organic coffee shop, interior decorating consultation, a bridal shop, pilates studio, nail salon and hair salon.

Facilities: The studio is brand new (opened Jan 2011) so everything is fresh, contemporary and barely used. The front desk and welcome area is cute with a sign-in table and quality yoga and dance equipment for sale. They also have a bathroom in the back with toiletries in case you forget something. They have studio mats for you to use, but they ask that you bring your own and wear sticky dance/yoga socks for hygienic purposes. No shower or locker room.

The workout space is a large area with wood flooring and a ballet barre attached to one wall. They have another portable barre on the other side if there’s a large class. There were a few things I didn’t like about the workout area. The barre was a rough, grainy wood that didn’t feel sturdy enough when we pulled back on the seat exercises. There also weren’t any mirrors, which made it difficult to see the instructor or watch your own form. The hanging white curtains are pretty and provide some privacy, but they don’t offer any sound separation from the waiting area. A couple of times at the end of our class, the students for the next class would gather in the waiting area and their chatting made it hard to hear the instructor.

Barre Classes: Over the 2-week trial, I took 6 barre classes with 4 different instructors. Each instructor was very different in their technique, style and choreography. My favorite instructor, Somer, taught a structured class with more refined ballet movements that isolated muscles groups. The other instructors had more cardio mixed into their classes but sometimes I felt there was too much impact on my knees and toes. The arches in my feet were aching during those weeks. Overall, Enerji Barre is a higher impact barre class with more aerobics and cardio than other toning barre classes.

Pricing: Enerji Fitness is reasonably priced compared to other boutique gyms.

Class Schedule: The Enerji Fitness class schedule is very balanced with all classes offered in the early morning, late morning, evenings and weekends (Sat & Sun). I mostly went to the evening classes (6pm), a couple weekend classes and one 5:30am class. The class sizes are small ranging from 4-10 students for the barre classes. I never took a Zumba class but there always seemed to be 10+ students in the waiting area.

Summary: Enerji Fitness is a quality boutique fitness studio with small classes, friendly instructors and happy clientele. Enerji Barre is more cardio intense than other barre classes with high impact exercises and will make you sweat.


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