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November 2, 2011 / ShapedforFitness

Healthy & Budget Friendly Meals

I never intended this fitness blog to include information about food, but last night I read about the importance of fitness instructors understanding proper nutrition and sharing that with their clients. Your body requires a source of energy in order to function and you get your energy from what you consume.  Sure you can put anything in your mouth to satisfy your hunger, but will that make your body work properly? Give you the most effecient source of energy? Want see a change in your body from all the hours of working out? I do! I do!

Without going into all the details of proper nutrition, here are some key components of a healthy diet:

Nalgene OTG water bottle

  1. Drink lots of water – I carry Nalgene “On-the-Go” water bottle and drink at least 4 bottles a day. (Morning, Lunch, Afternoon and 1 during my workout)
  2. Eat the recommended nutrients and food portions:
  3. Eat more natural, unprocessed food. <= my biggest challenge
  4. Drink water instead of soda or high sugar juices. You have a limited # of calories so don’t waste them on a small cup of juice.

My biggest challenge of eating more natural, unprocessed food is difficult because processed foods are very convenient, save time and are easy to prepare. Not only are processed foods loaded with extra ingredients you don’t need, it’s more expensive. I’ve been going online, reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows in search of easy-to-make recipes with common ingredients that are budget friendly.

Today, I came across the US Dept of Agriculture’s Recipe Finder and found lots of good recipes that have simple ingredients and look easy to make. Here are some of my favorites I want to try:

All of these recipes cost under $10 and average less than $2 per serving. Sounds good to me!
Do you have a favorite healthy & budget friendly recipe?? 

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