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October 27, 2011 / ShapedforFitness

Xtend Barre

Workout Yesterday: Xtend Barre – 55 minutes at Xtend Barre Mission Viejo

Yesterday I tried out a new barre class in Mission Viejo called Xtend Barre. The studio is on the 2nd floor of a nice shopping plaza right on Lake Mission Viejo with a little view of the lake.

The studio is super cute with contemporary colors and design, a very clean feel, good lighting, and quality equipment.

Last night for the 6:30 class there were only 3 of us, which allowed us to have individual attention and workout at our own pace. Overall, Xtend Barre is a great toning class with non-impact exercises that work the muscles to near exhaustion with high repetition.

What I like about Xtend Barre:

  • Very structured workout with clear direction and instruction
  • Excellent toning of muscles in slow, precise movements
  • Non-impact cardio section
  • Focus on core stability throughout class
  • Stretching of muscles after each exercise

What I didn’t like about Xtend Barre:

  • Slow pace and not connected to the music
  • I like more energy and faster movements
  • Not a lot of cardio, only a 3-5 min section
  • Isolated movements per muscle group, very few total body movements

Breakdown of Class:

  1. Warm up with plies in 1st and 2nd position, and eleves (calf raises)
  2. Arm work with 2 lb dumbbells. Strong focus on shoulders with lots of arm raises. Regular pushups and tricep pushups. My shoulders were burning!
  3. Barre work with plies, kicks and pulses to the front, side and back.


  4. Cardio: Quick plie with 1 straight leg sweep to front then another quick plie to passe
  5. Hip work: used tiny circle stretch band around ankles and did tiny leg raises to the side – very difficult! Then laying on the mat with legs bent at 90 degrees (like sitting in a chair) we put the circle above our knees and did leg raises up then knee tucks into chest. Very tough isolated movements.
  6. Abs – Lots of slow ab work with Pilates exercises. Leg raises, long extended bicycle abs, roll-ups.
  7. Cool down with total body stretches.

Bottom Line: Slow pace workout that’s good for your low energy days, but still adds value to your fitness plan with total body toning.


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