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October 24, 2011 / ShapedforFitness

Booty Barre and Living Fitness

Workout Today: Booty Barre Basics 40 min + arm & abs workout 10 min at home via
Where I am now. . . . .Without going into all of my background, I’ll tell you about my discovery over past few months. This past year I ran 3 half marathons (Long Beach, Irvine and San Francisco) and by the end of the 3rd race in San Francisco, my body and mind were exhausted from running.

Me (on left) with Jen in the San Fran 1/2 Marathon July 31, 2011

It was time to take a break. I got a guest pass to LA Fitness and took a few classes, spin, a lifting class, Zumba, cardio bootcamp, but was bored and not motivated to go back. So, in search for something more challenging, I found a studio in Newport Beach, Living Fitness, that had Booty Barre, a class my friend Lana introduced me to that I loved.

The group fitness classes at Living Fitness are pretty expensive at $24/class or $175/monthly unlimited, but they have a new client special for $99 for one month. I figured a half marathon costs $75-95 and if I attended enough classes it would be worth it. Oh boy was it worth it! Over the 30 days I attended 17 classes ($5.82/class) and found my new favorite workout! Booty Barre is a blend of pilates, yoga, and basic ballet that includes cardio and strength training for 1 hour. Not only is it a great calorie burner and toning class, it’s incredibly fun! My body showed results too. I maintained weight but lost 3/4 inch off my waist, 1/2 inch off my hips, and 1/2 each off each thigh. Plus, my core has never been stronger, which makes all physical activity easier.

While taking the classes, 2 different instructors asked me if I was a dancer, or had some training in dance, because I had good form and good body awareness. No, I’ve never done dance or ballet, and here I was thinking I looked like a powerful jock instead of a graceful ballerina. What an awesome compliment! Hmmm. . . .I really like this class and it comes pretty easy to me. . . .  I think I’ll try some more classes now.

Since I don’t have a ballet barre at home, I use my kitchen counter for balance:


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