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June 20, 2012 / ShapedforFitness

Shakeology – Day 1

Yesterday I started Shakeology and have very positive feedback to share. My initial impression was great and I can’t wait for my next shake!

Day 1 Stats:

Shake: 1 scoop of Shakeology with 12 ounces of cold water

Workout: 45 minutes of swimming, 1,750 yards, with my friend Sam

My initial impression of the shake was that it tasted so good! I was surprised how frothy it was, there weren’t any chucks of powder, and it didn’t have a grainy feeling. It was like drinking chocolate milk with a hint of citris. The powder is ultra fine, which helps it mix better.

About half way thru the shake I was starting to feel full (surprising) but finished the whole shake. For two and a half hours I was still full, without any cravings, and then at the 3 hour mark I was ready for my morning snack, yogurt. I had my normal cup of coffee about 30 minutes after finishing the shake as well. The rest of the day I ate normal meals and snacks.

The only thing I noticed in my body was that I was more thirsty than normal. I drank a full water bottle (24 ounces) over the 3 hours and felt satisfied. Not a bad thing to crave water! I also had a good amount of energy throughout the day and felt great during my swim workout. And I got the nutrients of fruits & veggies without any stomach pain!

Favorite Things about Shakeology

1) Convenience - It took me 30 seconds to make my shake and I drank it on the way to work. How easy is that? I get a nutritious breakfast with minimal effort, drink it on the go, and minimal clean-up. I filled the shaker with 12 ounces of water, added one scoop of powder and shook it up as I walked to my car. My friend, Melissa, gave me this awesome Shakegology shaker, which has a measuring tool and mixing grate:

Shakeology Shaker

Mixing tool inside the shaker to help separate any chunks of powder

2) TasteThis is seriously the best tasting nutrition shake I’ve ever had. The ultra fine powder mixes so well and it becomes a thick, frothy liquid after shaking.  I’ve tried a bunch of different protein shakes, meal replacement shakes and energy drinks, and nothing compares to Shakeology. Plus, if you’re not a veggie person, it’s like drinking a salad full of nutrients with the flavor of chocolate milk.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Another great thing about Shakeology is that it’s low on calories (150) and fat (1g). Check out the full nutrition and supplement facts: ShakeologyCocoa. It’s also gluten-free and without soy. There is an allergy note at the bottom that says it’s manufactured in a plant that also processes soy. In addition to Vitamins A, B, C, D, & E, Shakeology also contains calcium (500 mg), biotin (90 mcg for hair, skin & nails), and folic acid (200 mcg).  Lots of good stuff packed into a shake!

For more info & to try Shakeology go to

(copy & paste website into browser)

Stay tuned for the Week 1 summary. . . . . 

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